Stuart Watkins is a yoga teacher, holistic life coach and health and wellness expert offering revolutionary platforms for spiritual awakening and growth and development all around the globe. Stuart is known for his inspirational style of teaching that incorporates both eastern spiritual philosophy and western techniques for mental, physical and spiritual transformation.

Stuart welcomes people from all walks of life and levels of yoga experience. Stuart combines his expertise in VinyasaFlow, Akhanda Yoga, life coaching and fitness training to create a highly transformative and healing environment. Stuart coaches with raw and compassionate honesty which will help bring your yoga practice off the mat and into daily life.

Stuart is a student of life and he emphasises that yoga is not just something we do. As beautiful as the asana practice (physical postures) can be, they are but a small piece of an incredible puzzle.

Over time and through continual practice, we begin to BeYoga and shine from our true nature. This is the main message of his teachings.

Stuart is dedicated to giving back to the world that he’s been blessed to be a part of. He is the founder of the ‘Flow from the Heart’ charity events, FLOW festival and continually collaborates with leading teachers and artists from across the world.

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