15th Jul 2018
Bub and Me
11th May 2018
Charge up the resilience of your skin

The other day I did a social media post about how Hawaii is in the process of banning the sale and distribution of sunscreen containing the chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate, which is in most sunscreens you find in the supermarket.   In the post I mentioned that my family makes our own sunscreen at home.

9th Dec 2015
Yoga Beyond the Postures

It’s so common to romanticise this whole journey of yoga and liberation seeking, thinking that unless we gain all kinds of powers, see all kinds out out there visions, achieve all the yoga postures, we haven’t quite made into the heart of Truth. These traps of illusions are so easy to get lost in, having

15th Feb 2015
Awaken – Unify – Embody

Awaken: What I invite in my Sadhana and in students that come see me is to tune into each moment as a moment to appreciate, be with what is, expand and grow. Not in an achieving kind of mentality, but more in a deep listening, loving, honest, clarity of discernment kind of way, in which

11th Feb 2015
Finding Our Way Back Home

We all want to feel at home, at peace, happy and in a state of ease, yet the common mentality of [wanting] to create happiness, and this constant [looking] for fulfillment and love is often at the core of a vicious cycle of inner suffering. This looking for happiness and love from the outside in is insanely

9th Nov 2014
The Breakthrough Immersion

Lately, many people have been asking why I do these Kookaburra Creek immersions in a kind of sleep over mode and why we don’t just book the retreat centre down the road and have a comfortable bed to sleep in… My answer tends to be along the lines of this: How is it that we

13th Oct 2014
Immersing in India

India holds such a special place in my heart, as it does for many yogis. Each journey I’ve had in India has been extremely pivotal and transformational. Staying in the tranquil anand prakash ashram, learning from vishva-ji and other masters of this holy land, and just from being surrounded in the devotion and living of yoga all

29th Apr 2013
Wake Up Smoothie

Here’s the smoothie that I blended up this morning and I feel incredible from it. It is truly a super smoothie! Here are the ingredients: – 1 pint of Apostle Spring Water (This water is of exquisitely high quality  and is sourced from an area which imparts a natural balance of minerals and a body-perfect pH)

21st Feb 2013
Hooked on Seeking: Mistaking the Map for the Territory

We all have our own dance to dance. As humans, we’re all seeking to feel the oneness that is our birthright. Whether we’re (intentionally or unintentionally) seeking it through spiritual practice, or by being in nature, making love or going to the bar to have some drinks, we’re all seeking divine connection. We all want to

27th Dec 2012
Addicted to Stress

Every thought, every emotion that we experience can be as addictive as any drug. Every idea that we have about life, every thought and emotion we feel has a chemical reaction in the mind and body. This constant flow of chemicals creates the most complex laboratory possible, and we all have one that is in