11th Dec 2012
The Flux and the Flow

All in Flux Last week, there was a storm. A treacherous, blustery, aggressive storm. Inside of me. As I walked along the coastline, submitting myself to the full brunt of the wind and rain, I knew that I couldn’t fight this storm. I just had to ride it out. Wave after wave of self destruction,

18th Nov 2012
Tiffany’s Throat Soothing Smoothie

This morning I blended up this concoction that was a bit of a hit at Yoga Om. We were all absolutely delighted by the incredible teachings of Tiffany Cruikshank. Thanks so much Tiffany for your amazingness! Ok, here are the ingredients: – 1 pint of Apostle Spring Water http://www.apostle.com.au/ – 1 scoop Sunwarrior Protein http://www.sunwarrior.com.au/

27th Oct 2012
Heartsong – by Matthew Hatch and Jarad Spence

Here Matthew Hatch and Jarad Spence play ‘Heart Song.’ It was the very last song at the last ‘Flow from the Heart,’ on October 7th. The sound was captured on an iPhone so keep an ear out for some higher quality recordings. I really like this one though as you can hear the birds chirping

18th Sep 2012
Toxic Fanaticism

Any technique, any method, any exercise, any belief system, any goal, anything can potentially become a trap. What I’m talking about here is that for true liberation and unfoldment of our being, we might utilize and appreciate certain methods and tools that resonate with us— with the practice of not clinging to them—while at the

25th Jan 2012
Coming Together

Sitting here reflecting on the last few months, it brings joyful tears to my eyes and a mind blowing, sublime feeling in my heart. What yoga and various  meditation practices continually bring into my life keeps leaving me with my jaw wide open in awe and amazement. Looking back, I have had the most amazing