Coming Together

Sitting here reflecting on the last few months, it brings joyful tears to my eyes and a mind blowing, sublime feeling in my heart. What yoga and various  meditation practices continually bring into my life keeps leaving me with my jaw wide open in awe and amazement. Looking back, I have had the most amazing teachers since birth. My family, friends, teachers, students and clients have constantly taught me so much. You’re all family, and I’m so grateful to have you in my life.

What keeps becoming more and more obvious to me is that to really help someone, whether it’s a friend, a direct family member or a student or client, all I can really offer is my Being. Verbal, conceptual advice is of help for sure, but if the words aren’t coming from an authentic place of love and presence, they’re just words. We’re all here for a beautiful reason. Allow your authentic self and your Being to be a gift to the world. I’m saying this to Myself and Us.


Flow from the Heart

Over the last year, most of the emphasis of my Self-study, conceptual study, yoga practice, and teachings has been about opening, balancing and flowing through life from the heart. With this openness and deep self-healing, the most beautiful people and exquisite situations keep arising. I’m not saying that challenges haven’t come my way. They sure have. But with this practice of Mind-Heart identification, rather than just ego-mind identification, the challenges haven’t been that typical melodramatic story. They’ve just been what they are, often with powerful lessons in them.

On April 6th and April 29th something magical happened. Fellow yoga teacher’s and musician friends came together at Kings Park, Perth, Australia to connect and open our hearts for the afternoon.  For hours we infused live music, mantra, yoga asana, dance and healthy food, all while being in the most divine natural surroundings.

The profound effect this had on participants shows just how powerful it is to unite in community and share our open hearts. Several people have said that these afternoons changed their life. All we did is come together, practice being present, grateful and let our hair down to amazing music. We can bring this sacred and potent presence into every moment, every yoga practice and every day, regardless of what our external experience is.


We all have an effect

We could all sit around and bitch and gossip about the insanity of our current world state, but how healing is that on the world? We could also just ignore it all and just watch reality television, have temporary fun and get high and drunk all the time… Both pretty common, and both I’ve definitely been a part of in the past. But they were just ways to numb the mind or distract it.

Imagine there was a speech bubble above all of our heads (like you see in the comic books), but the speech bubble has in it everything you think, feel, believe etc. If all our stuff was completely out there like that (which it is anyway), I’m sure we would deal with our stuff so much better than so many of us currently do.

It’s so important right now for us to courageously and compassionately deal with any debris covering up the heart and open our hearts wide open to the world. As vulnerable as it may seem, there’s nothing stronger than this love and presence.

According to a Princeton study, the square root of 1% of the population is enough to effect change in that population. If we can regularly connect with community,  and set beautiful, healing intentions, move and breathe with that intent, the world can’t help but be effected in a healing way.

It’s time for us to individually take responsibility for our own consciousness and shine our own Being authentically so bright, no matter what. If groups of people can regularly get together through yoga classes, through meditation or through similar events such as Flow from the Heart, allowing deep transformation to take place, humanity can’t help but evolve.

Honestly and compassionately ask yourself what kind of energy you are generating in your mind and regularly sending out into the world? Is it polluting the world or healing it? If we can answer that honestly and do the Self-work necessary to heal ourselves so we can generate and send out beautiful love energym, the world will evolve along with us. It’s not so much what you do that has an effect, it’s how you are. What inner energy are you sending out into the filed of life.

We truly can love the world awake.

Love and Blessings.

Here’s a little clip of Flow from the Heart.



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