Yoga Retreat with Stuart Watkins, Jo Tastula, Cam Watkins and Malika Warda

About this Retreat

A Hero’s Journey

Ceremonial Retreat with Stuart Watkins, Jo Tastula, Cam Watkins and Malika Warda

July 22-25, 2022

Have you found yourself searching, questioning, wondering? Has there been signs to explore and dive a little deeper? Perhaps the biggest question, in the words of Joseph Campbell, “are you following your bliss?”


The call to adventure may be upon you. Will you answer the call?

An adventure awaits full of potential obstacles and challenges. A journey which will require you to step out of your comfort zone. You may require the assistance of others. You will experience new levels of growth, cultivating great resilience and gathering many powerful tools along the way. Developing the resources to conquer any great challenge. These trying times will all be part of your initiation from which you will be able to return and share your wisdom and gifts with those around you. The Heroes journey Is the journey of your life! It is a road map which follows a pattern of mythology. It can be used as a reference point for you to establish where you are at in your journey at any time.


This upcoming retreat is set on the banks of the beautiful Murray River, nestled amongst the jarrah trees on 80 acres of uncleared forest Located near Dwellingup, just 90 minutes from Perth. The beauty and diversity of the land is renowned and is the perfect location for us to dive into our adventure.


With our guidance and the support of this beautiful community we will explore powerful practices, and learn to answer the call, to follow your bliss and step into the flow of your fullest potential.  A key focus of this retreat is that each of you will have the environment and support for growth, to cultivate resilience and refine your skill set and tool kit to navigate any challenge as we integrate these practices back in everyday life.


You are the Hero of your journey!

Click here to view the beautiful retreat venue we’ll be staying at.

  • Date And Time

    July 22-25, 2022

July 22

Arriving for a grounding class at 4pm

530pm Sunset Fire Ceremony

630pm Dinner followed by evening class



July 23

6am Optional meditation

7am Fire puja

730am Flow class with Jo Tastula

915am Breakfast

Free time

1230 Lunch

2pm Dharma Talk with Jo, Stuart, Cam and Malika

4.30pm Tantric Hatha with Stuart

615pm Dinner

730pm Sound Healing Journey



July 24

6am Optional meditation

7am Fire puja

730am Spinal Flow and Mobility class with Cam

915am Breakfast

Free time

1230 Lunch

2pm Dharma Talk with Jo, Stuart, Cam and Malika

4.30pm Flow class with Malika

615pm Dinner

730pm Evening event



July 25

6am Optional Meditation

7am Fire Puja

730am Yoga class with Stuart, Jo, Cam and Malika

9am Closing Ceremony

945am Breakfast

*Classes will rotate between Stuart Watkins, Jo Tastula, Cam Watkins and Malika Warda.

  • Location

    NANGA BUSH CAMP is located in Dwellingup, 110 Kms south of Perth.

    Allow approximately 1.5 hrs travel time from Perth and 1 hr from Armadale.


If you have any questions,
please email to
register your interest in the retreat.


4 thoughts on “Yoga Retreat with Stuart Watkins, Jo Tastula, Cam Watkins and Malika Warda

  1. Hi Stuart,

    I would like to register my interest in this amazing retreat. I am a low income earner. Do you accept payment plans or is payment required in full to secure a position?

    I attended your class at centr space recently and had such a lovely experience.

    Looking forward to hearing from you and understand if payment plans are not something you can offer.

    Kind regards,

  2. Hello beautiful people!

    I have attended the last quiet mind, open heart ceremony and the rewards were reaping. My best friend and I are on a journey of self discovery and always looking at new opportunities to grow and learn. I would be so honoured, as well as my best friend Kayla to be apart of this beautiful retreat run by the best in the business.

    If we were to be lucky enough to attend, I can pay the full amount for both Kayla and I (Neesh) straight away.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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